Sup Dudes! My name is Ace and I’m the cultural suicide bomber from To Live and Ride In LA. I’ll be introducing you to Southern California’s growing cycling community and all it has to offer in the up-coming Mondays with an entry called Mellow Monday’s, named after a ride that i started a few years back.

For the past couple of years, I’ve observed the bicycle community grow for the greater good and it’s a beautiful thing. From going on social rides, to the alley cat races, community activism and everything in between, there has been a constant growth and i want to expose it to the world.

For people outside of Los Angeles, you may be saying to your self, “Cycling Community? In Los Angeles? Yeah Right!” Well for the neigh-sayers, stay tuned and I’ll show you how much of a community we’ve got here in Los Angeles. For the rest of you, hopefully you’ll join me in this journey as Los Angeles matures as a cycling community that will be a model for other growing metropolitan cities across the globe. Keep checking back because there’s a ball rolling and I’m sure it’s impossible to stop it, let’s watch it grow together.

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