Los Angeles’ Cycling scene has grown leaps and bounds due to the popularity of Track and Fixed Gear bikes. These bikes being simple machines desinged to go fast and turn left. Urban cycling enthusiasts gravitated towards these types of bikes because of it’s simplicity. Since then the industry offers bikes derived from Track bikes and have evolved so much that some fixed gear bikes have become unrecognizable to purists.

With that said, we can’t forget where these bikes belong and how they are supposed to perform. In southern California, we have access to 3 Velodromes, 2 of which are in the Los Angeles Area. There are few people at The Encino Velodrome that have not forgotten the purpose of these bikes. Kieron and Jared have developed a program that encourages beginners to ride their track bikes on the track. Weird Right? They have developed a six week program that meets every on Wednesday nights that teaches you track etiquette. It has a very welcoming environment and you kinda get so avid riders get to ride along seasoned veterans. Each week offers clinics on different aspects of racing at the track. My favorite event has been match sprint training, when you go heads up against an opponent while trying to calculate when the other cyclist will react.

Hern has gotten on the podium since completing the intro to track program.

It’s great seeing this program continue to grow. Some that have completed the course competed in and have achieved podium positions. Proof that this program works. For more info, head over to Enicino Velodrome‘s training schedual.

Photos Via Omar Ogues & Beaver Beaves

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