TRAFIK is preparing for an awesome season of racing and excited to already see the new Wolfpack Hustle promo video for the 2013 race series! Edited by Ace Boogie, the video shows highlights from classic Wolfpack races from years past.

Last year TRAFIK helped organize the Marathon Crash Race, one of the biggest races ever held in Los Angeles.  This year will be even bigger as Wolfpack Hustle works with LA city officials and Police to increase legitimacy and safety. And it doesn’t hurt to already have sponsorships with Chrome, Redbull, City Grounds, Aventon Bikes, Thomas Forsyth Bicycle Attorney. Needless to say, we are excited to see what this year has in store.

Regristration has begun so CLICK HERE to sign up!  And don’t forget to check our blog for updates and coverage of what will be an epic year of racing!

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