TRAFIK is proud to announce that we are now an OFFICIAL SPONSOR of the Gorilla Smash Squad (GSS). This is a talented group of young LA riders reppin K-Town who started racing in alley-cats and other events, and have recently started competing and winning legit sanctioned races. In the 2012 and 2013 WPH Crash Race they had multiple riders finish in the top 10 and they are looking to clean up in the Wolfpack Hustle Crit and Drag race, both of which play to their strengths. They also have a secret weapon on the squad, State Champion and King of Vegas Winner – Tony Zaldua.

TRAFIK is very excited for the upcoming race season and to be supporting such a dedicated race squad. Check out our blog all season for updates on the Gorilla Smash Squad races and meet the team below!

Race team
Instagram -Gorillasmashsquad

Steven Ny Facebook, Instagram – @neuyorkgss
Tony Z Facebook
Ivan Delgado Facebook, Instagram – @ivandelgado_gss
Juan Carlos Facebook, Instagram – @jcperez_gss
Anthony Z Facebook, Instagram – @anthonybadowshki
Felipe Facebook, Instagram – @felipecastillo_gss
Nyrah Facebook,  Instagram – @nyrahheartsgss
Michelle Khare Facebook
Rest of the squad
Anthony Olmos Facebook, Instagram – @bitchassanthony
Henry G Facebook
Jose R Facebook

Photo credit by Raquel Natalicchio

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