Another year driving through the desert to Interbike in Las Vegas. This was a weird year. Lots of big names in urban cycling decided to skip the convention, but the King of Vegas was going down and MASH was showing their new film, so that made the drive worth it.

The King of Vegas race was on Wednesday this year and a $10 entry fee prevented some riders from participating. The course had racers going to all parts of Vegas, buying items from 7-11, and smashing back to the meet-up at the Luxor. It was good to see lots of peeps come out who have supported the race in the past. The Vegas locals were in the house and put their strongest riders to the test. In the end, LA took the win for both Men and Women. The new King of Vegas is Cameron Bond (Fix Fixie) and Queen of Vegas is Natalio Trujillo (Team Throne). Tony Z took 2nd and Craig (Vegas Local) came in 3rd. Craig actually was the strongest overall rider as he finished 1st in the MASH race the next night in one of the best performances we’ve seen from a Vegas local. See all the pics on our FLICKR page TRAFIKPIX.

The next night we all rolled to the Double Down Saloon to watch the Vegas premiere of the latest film from MASH. Mike Martin really outdid himself with this one. Crisp cinematography combined with interesting situations and props had the crowd roaring. We don’t want to give away everything, but the scene where they pulled out the old-skool Heeleys was our favorite.

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The general environment of the convention itself had definitely changed from year’s past. Mandalay Bay expanded its convention center so Interbike was even bigger than before. You could walk around all day and never even see the people you came with! A little too big if you ask us. Also, with the lack of an “Urban Center” for street cyclists like ourselves, we had to make our own fun. Testing out the jumping capabilities of E-bikes on the test track was a good time until the fun-police kicked us out.

Overall Interbike is what it is, a convention all about the bike business. What makes it fun is the crew you roll with and what you do after the convention closes. And that’s when our best moment happened. At the close of the convention on Friday, we were pulling out of the parking lot with a Jeep jammed full of bikes and people when someone knocked on our window. “Hey, I’m from Yakima Racks and I’m about to make your day!” This dude blessed us with a complete roof rack system for our bikes. After spending 3 days at the convention and only getting a few free water bottles, this gesture blew us away. Thanks to @YakimaRacks for your amazing outreach.

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