Never a dull moment in cycling

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I guess she should have taken the other route…

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Cyclist shot during race

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During the Cache Creek 600 a cyclist was shot by a dude in a pickup truck. Damn! If it’s not one thing it’s another. Check the vid for the full story…

Despite the annual Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race being canceled days before the event, the Wolfpack crew managed to pull off a last minute permit for a mass ride. Led by Damian Kevitt in support of his organization Finish the Ride, over 1000 cyclists gathered at Tang’s Donuts (RIP) to pay their respects to the recently closed LA eatery, oh and to ride all night long.

What started out as slow group ride quickly accelerated. Although it technically wasn’t a race, no one was trying to finish last. The final stretch down San Vincente was, again, a race highlight with top speeds being reached and Strava segments on watch. The finish was in the usual spot on Ocean Blvd with hundreds of cyclists milling around in the closed intersection. About 5 different people claimed they “won”. Since there was to be no dogtags awarded this year, groups of riders slowly rolled away to watch an amazing sunset then sleep for the next 12 hours. LIKE if your sleep schedule is still fucked.

Let’s all hope that WPH can negotiate a killer Race for next years marathon. Meanwhile, the remaining races in the Wolfpack Unified Series are still on, with a Crit to be held in Long Beach and the return of the Drag Race. Stay tuned to TRAFIK for all that FG life info.

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230% increase in bIke theft!!!

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Bike theft is going up by as much as 230% in some areas of California like Santa Monica! That’s right, bikes are getting nabbed right and left! So do yourself a favor and DONT LEAVE YOUR BIKE ANYWHERE!!! If you have to leave it, at least use a U-lock! Which by the way are referred to as “D-locks” elsewhere. Stay smart, stay safe, stay fixed!

Thief Level : Master

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Honestly, if you saw this happening to your bike would you be pissed or impressed? Anyway, point is, don’t just lock the front wheel!

PSA: How to loose your bike

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Your bike is your ride, your gym, your style. Your bike is you. So lock it up the right way. Or better yet, don’t let it out of your sight. But whatever you do, DO NOT LOCK IT UP LIKE IN THE PICTURES BELOW! (oh, and make sure it’s Fixed!)

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