We are proud to sponsor Monument bikes’s “Aye Caramba Sprint” 12/14/13
-Details below

WWW.MONUMENTBIKE.COM Monument Bike Presents: “Aye Caramba Sprint” Number 02
Race will be like drag races, fixed and road will
be separate categories and we will have 1 winner for each
category. Parking will not be a problem so don’t panic.
Let’s have great race.
WIT INDUSTRIES – http://www.witindustries.nl/
STATE BICYCLE CO. – http://www.statebicycle.com/
SPF 92 – https://vimeo.com/spf92

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It finally rained in LA and while everyone was inside staying dry this guy was flying down a wet mountain, backwards!

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FixieCross & FixieCrit went down in Los Angeles last Saturday and racers from all over made it out to LA Historic China Town Park to compete. It was a major CX event thrown by So-Cal Cross, they were nice enough to let the fixed gear riders on the course after the Pro’s. Fixed gear cyclocross may not be very well known, but it is hilarious. Most of the racers had never raced fixed gear on a course like this and everyone had their own guess of what was the best gear ratio. Some were doing nothing but spinning while others were stuck on a heavy gear that kept them from going up and over the bridge and maneuvering at slow speeds in dirt. Needless to say it was one of the spectators favorite events of the night and we hope to see more FixieCross events in the future.

The Crit was a short course around Chinatown that got off to a fast start and left many of the racers behind with no hope of catching up. Those in the front pack included riders from Track Hard, Mobin Mondays, Emortal and dog tag winner Willo from Unknown Bikes, but control was in the hands of the large GSS team who protected a breakaway and worked together to come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Check the TRAFIK Flickr for more pics.

FixieCross – Hern (State Bicycle Co.)
FixieCrit – Neu York (Leader Bikes/GSS)

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TRAFIK and BOOMBOTIX have teamed up to bring you a custom bluetooth speaker with interchangeable faceplates… the SUGIMON REX! Check out the promo video “RACE DAY” below.

Everyone knows that BOOMBOTIX makes the best bluetooth speakers that really BUMP! TRAFIK had the chance to create our own custom BOOMBOTIX with two different faceplates so you can switch up the design depending on your mood. Los Angeles street artist LEEN designed the first faceplate with his popular SUGIMON character and Purple colorway, while the second faceplate has the TRAFIK logo in minimal Black and White. The SUGIMON REX also comes with custom belt clips in purple and B/W colorways.

Music is the center of every group ride or kick-back and this speaker is always on deck. You never need to buy batteries for it, it’s basically weather proof, you can use it to answer your phone, and we’ve even used it as a megaphone at races. No shit. It does all that…And no WIRES!

So head on over to the TRAFIK SHOP where you can pick up a SUGIMON REX and a whole bunch of other presents for the fixed-gear rider on your Christmas list. The SUGIMON REX is a limited printing and once they are sold out, that’s it man. Get on it.

Each SUGIMON REX comes with:
- SUGIMON Faceplate and Belt Clip
- TRAFIK Faceplate and Belt Clip
- Mini stereo cable
- USB charging cable
- TRAFIK bike decals
- SUGIMON cell stickers
- A lot of BASS
- Street cred

For more info on BOOMBOTIX REX speakers, head over to their site for the deets. http://www.boombotix.com

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Happy Turkey Day!





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Chrome has set up shop in LA! Orange 20 is hosting a Chrome pop-up shop at their gallery space at 4357 Melrose, right next to the bike shop. Chrome will be here for the next month, offering deals on bags, shoes, and clothes and throwing a bunch of events you should get involved in. On their opening night they hosted a #FOORACE thrown by Alvin from Mobbin Mondays. Although the weather was shitty, riders came out to hustle. Check the pics below. Congrats to the podium: 1st HERN, 2nd DEG, 3rd ANGEL. Check out the TRAFIKPIX FLICKR for more pics…

The Chrome shop will only be open for the month, so make sure to stop by. The art exhibit on the inside has some dope photo work by Van Styles and a huge map of LA that you can become a part of. Just snap a photo on Instagram of one of your favorite chill spots in LA and tag it #WRENCHED_LA and they will pin your photo to the wall.

Check out all the other events they have going on this month…

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