During the Cache Creek 600 a cyclist was shot by a dude in a pickup truck. Damn! If it’s not one thing it’s another. Check the vid for the full story…

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Fijate 2014 Races




For the third consecutive year Puerto Rico Fixed held down the Fijate Cycling Festival in Puerto Rico.

This three-day event consisted of 3 races: cyclo-corss, a Criterium and an alleycat that went through the beautiful and warm streets of San Juan. Racers came out from all over the world, we saw riders from Mash, Aventon, Throne, Wolfpack and many more. This year our TRAFIK team was lucky enough to make it out to enjoy the beautiful weather and fun racing. Shout out to Omar and Rafi from Puerto Rico Fixed for welcoming our photographer, Raquel Natalicchio, with open arms and showing us what the cycling scene is all about down there.

It was awesome to see Riders from all over the world ready to tear it up for this year’s amazing trophy. We ran into all the homies like Willo and even Lucas Brunelle, who of course was documenting all races with his famous camera helmet! Check out the TRAFIK flickr for more photos from this event.

Photos by Raquel Natalicchio

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It couldn’t have been more of a perfect day in Southern California for the first annual Bike Fest in Long Beach. The day was full of cycling events, beer gardens, and organic coffee. It all kicked off with a Urban Cross race on a course that had riders hopping over barriers, zig zagging through obstacles, and jumping some mini ramps! City Grounds was in the mix hosting their kick ass GoldSprints where one lucky winner walked away with a new bike from 6KU. But the main event was the Wolfpack Hustle Shortline Crit. There were only two rules, Go fast! and Turn Left! With both Road and Track categories and Men and Woman divisions, the Qualifiers had over 200 racers.

It was a super fast course that led to many exciting lead changes and strategy. In the men’s final, Luke Binder from team Leader took a breakaway lead while the rest of the pack was held back by his teammate Neu York. “When we came around the last turn, I knew Luke had the win. At that point it was an all out sprint to the line and I ended up getting edged for 3rd”, said Neu York after the race. It was good to see team strategy unfold right in front of you since the laps were very fast, between 45-60 seconds.

The final track results are:

Women’s Track

1st – Jo Celso (Wolfpack Hustle/Aventon)
2nd – Nissy Cobb
3rd – Kelli Samuelson (Cinelli)

Men’s Track

1st – Lucas Binder (Leader)
2nd – Scott Piercefield (State Bike)
3rd – Neu York (Leader/GSS)

Check out all the pics over on the TRAFIK FLIKR

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Joins TRAFIK in Long Beach this Saturday at Wolfpack Hustle‘s excited Short Line Crit race! This will be a closed course and feature the fastest cyclists in So-Cal and beyond. There is going to be a lot going on and it is all free for spectators so bring your friends and have a blast!

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This past Saturday was the infamous crit course in Chinatown, the Beast of the East. It was hosted by Matthew and, as usual, was a fun course to race and to spectate. With 10 laps around the course and around 40 racers, Gorilla Smash Squad held their ground making a few breakaway attempts but not eliminating the front pack.

Right off the bat Jerry R went all out trying to establish a breakaway, and was caught after a few laps. But with 4 laps to go team members Felipe C. and Steven “Neu York” joined Jerry for a final breakAway effort that resulted in 1st & 2nd podium spots. Defending his tittle, Neu York remains undefeated on this crit course for the Fourth time. Cristian from the Throne Cycles team was lead out for a 3rd place finish just behind the breakaway.

Only two females raced this course but they held it down and kept up with the boys. Great work out there Shamane and Lydia, you can expect to see more from these two ladies in 2014.

Beast of the East from Gorilla Smash Squad on Vimeo.

Photo credit: Christian Dominguez
Video/reporting credit: Leen

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This past Easter weekend was a busy one for the TRAFIK team, but we were really happy to be sponsoring two very cool events, the Culture Collide and Kush-Town‘s brutal 420 Race.

On Saturday, LA’s “Hel-Mel” Bicycle District was closed off to traffic and open to the community for “LA Culture Collide” a culture mash of bikes, art and coffee. The vibe was chill; peeps catching up with buddies, observing fine art at The Helio Café, getting a free coffee, checking out bike stuff at Orange 20, and busting some fixie tricks here and there out on the wide car-free road.

Cyclists were stoked as Willo and his crew set up a Gold Sprint booth. Unfortunately, due to malfunctioning sensors on the rollers the Gold Sprints had to be cancelled. On sight, cyclists improvised on a replacement race with the winner getting a custom painted Throne track frame. It was a quick across town there-and-back won by Raul Rodriguez, one lucky dude btw.

To end the night there was a raffle for another custom painted Throne Track Lord II frame. The winner would have his choice of a custom piece by Cache, Dame, Sebastian Walker, or Sunny Phono. When David Castro’s number was called out his reaction was priceless. He had been talking about the Cache frame all night and he finally won it. Congrats David!

The whole event was organized by photographer Raquel Natalicchio. This was her first time organizing a big community event and she began planning back in January. Be sure to check out Raquel’s Facebook Page by clicking here!

The next day was Easter Sunday and happened to fall on 4/20 this year, so Kushtown Society celebrated by throwing the “Get High Alleycat” a creative race with lots of climbing and a bunch of twists. The first twist was a time penalty if you showed up in Lycra, so most racers were rocking cut-off’s and tee-shirts when they rolled up to Pan-Pacific Park.

The alleycat consisted of three checkpoints spread across three area peaks; Angeles Point in Elysian Park, Griffith Observatory, and The Hollywood Bowl Overlook. The racers had to return to “420 HQ” and check in before hitting the next peak so there was plenty of city streets to battle in as well. Another devious twist happened on the last climb when racers had to carry an uncooked egg safely up the mountain and back down. It was Easter after all.

Alberto “Beto” Rodiguez (Throne) took first place and the Chrome Industries 2014 Coveted Jersey. It was the first big win for Beto and a sign of good things to come. Felipe Castillo (GSS) finished second on a technicality and Tony Zaldua (GSS/Leader) took third. In the Women’s category Bri Witt finished first and went home with a new Aventon Mataro-low while Lydia Albarico finished second on the grueling course.

It was a really challenging race, one that was deserving of the Chrome Coveted Jersey. It was an achievement just to finish. Thanks to all the racers who came out and to the sponsors that made it happen. And that foo from Kushtown Society, now go buy a tee shirt from them.

Reporting/photos by: Brian Ubiadas & Ricky Dominguez

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