Love him or hate him, it’s hard not to find Lance Armstrong’s story interesting. This trailer for his new movie/documentary seems to tell a story people have been waiting a long time to hear. Of course it may be wise, when listening to Lance speak, to take it with a grain of salt but none the less this new side of an already intriguing story should be worth your time.

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Lucas Brunelle, creator of Line of Sight just released his latest film Lucas Brunelle Goes To Africa. If you know anything about this guy, you probably already skipped past the text and moved straight on to the video. But for those who are not familiar, here’s the deal. Lucas makes the craziest cycling videos you can imagine. He films the most competitive street races in the world and is fast enough and has the balls to keep up with the best urban racers in the globe. In his latest film Lucas catches some of the Tour d’Afrique plus much more!

Warning: Watching Lucas Brunelle’s videos may lead to elevated blood pressure and an overall excitement that may get you really stoked to ride your bike. Enjoy.

Lucas Brunelle goes to Africa from Cinelli Official on Vimeo.

We actually got to see this video at Interbike in Vegas, but it is just as good the second time. It’s funny to hear Lucas talk about his rides, apparently their bikes were trashed after going down the sand dunes. Can you even imagine? Thanks for the “Like” and “Share“!

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Did you vote for Knog’s “No Ordinary Night” film festival? Our homie came out to film our “King Of Vegas” race and entered it into the festival, so we hope you go check it out and vote for Samuel’s #KOV2013 video “It was one night in Vegas…”. Also thought you might like to see the new “Blinder3” video and check out the new dope light by Knog, since it’s the whole reason for the film festival. Anyways the light looks good, and bright as hell, maybe even something that could save your life. But don’t just take our word, check it out for yourself below.

Blinder Road 3 from knog on Vimeo.

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“To protect and serve” and maybe remove your bike from the premises. At least that’s what happened to a N.Y. commuter while he was at work last week. He had locked his bike up, as usual, but when he returned he found only his broken locks.

Turns out Joe Biden was in town and secret service removed all bikes in the area for “security” reasons, including the one belonging to Arthur (also in the news for getting hit in the face with a brick while cycling). The problem is they didn’t leave any warning that this was going to happen. You must be thinking this an article from the “Onion”, but this is no joke. Fortunately someone stepped in to help return Arthur’s bike and he made a video you can watch below. Enjoy!

Hero Doorman Saves Bike From NYPD from Gothamist on Vimeo.

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One of the homies, Samuel Arechiga, filmed the KING OF VEGAS race and entered it into the Knog’s “No Ordinary Night” film festival. He did a great job on the edit, so let’s help him win this thing! Check it out below, but make sure to go to the KNOG FILM FESTIVAL page and VOTE!

Click here to vote for Samuel’s Video!

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Between attending Interbike and organizing the King Of Vegas race, our trip to Sin City was NUTS! It was great to check out the spectacle that is Interbike and visit with many of our sponsors. All the latest and coolest bike related stuff was there and we got to see it all first hand, including our new collaboration with Boombotix, the Sugimon Rex! But the highlight of the trip was definitely the KING OF VEGAS…

The King of Vegas is known for being an incredibly challenging race where some of the nation’s gnarliest street racers battle for the crown, and this year was no different. Hundreds gathered in front of the Luxor Pyramid on the Vegas strip to see who would be King. You can basically party anywhere in Vegas, and Boombotix provided the mobile DJ for that to happen. Thanks Guys. Also, Lucas Brunelle, creator of “Line of Sight”, was there to capture the whole race with his famous helmet cams. Can’t wait to see the edit.

This was a tough 3-checkpoint race with an added bonus… racers had to collect playing cards at the checkpoints and the best poker hand won a carbon racing wheelset from IRT. The competition level was high with a field composed of sponsored riders, Chrome jersey champions, State medalists, and Vegas locals. Tony Z, last year’s King and co-organizer, led the procession of street racers down Las Vegas Boulevard and as soon as they hit the famous Las Vegas sign, all hell broke loose. At the first break in the median, half of the front pack broke off and went into oncoming lanes of traffic, it was on.

The backroads of Vegas are long and fast, one of our racers’ computers topped out at 38mph on the flat. Drafting was key in this race, and riders that fell off the pace were left in the desert. A crash took out one of our own TRAFIK riders from GSS, but thankfully there were no serious injuries.

It came down to the final sprint from Fremont Street down Las Vegas Blvd, the lead pack battled for position thru traffic and red lights. In the end it was John “the Roadie” Gabriel who rolled in first holding his bloody set of cards. He split the $1200 Cash Prize with the Queen of Vegas, for the 2nd year in a row, Mariana Estrada.

The 2013 King Of Vegas Winners!

1st (KOV): John Gabriel
2nd (1st Fixed): Neu York; Leader Bike, GSS
3rd: Alberto Martinez; K-town

1st (QOV): Mariana Estrada
2nd (1st Fixed): Nyrah Hearts; GSS
3rd: Melanie Seeger; CBNC

Want to see more? Check out our FLICKR Page TRAFIKPIX

Thanks to all our great Headline and product sponsors for making the #KOV2013 a success. Take a look and get to know some of them, this event would not have been possible if not for their dedicated support…
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If didn’t make it to the race, check out this short vid made by Samuel Arechiga…

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