Shout-out to one of our newest sponsors to the King of Vegas race, “.elohssa“. If you don’t know yet what the KOV is, it’s an insane alley cat race through the busy and unforgiving streets of Las Vegas. Racers come from around the world to put their life on the line for over $1200 plus tons of prizes.
The .elohssa crew is no strange to smashing busy city streets and they just posted a video of them smashing through Los Angeles. You can check their latest video below or at their website, to see what they are all about.


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The Midnight Drag Race was the last of Wolfpack Hustle’s 2013 Unified Title Series, the largest of its kind in LA. It can be hard to explain just how epic these races have been if you haven’t had a chance to see them in person, but it’s really amazing to be able to attend such large underground events and be part of this cultural evolution that seems to be happening in LA. Thanks to Wolfpack Hustle once again for working so hard, pulling off the impossible, and making the LA bike scene what it is today.

A lot of big names and powerful legs came out to spin for the title, but in the end all but one was eliminated. The winner of the Midnight Drag race was former decathlete “Nate Koch”. This guy is a beast, just check his pic below! Turns out he began cycling to recover from his injuries as a decathlete and has future plans of making the Olympics. You can learn more about him at Second place went to “Willo” with UNKNOWN Bikes, and Third place went to Neu York who rides with GSS and Leader Bikes. You can check out all the other race photos at our TRAFIK Flickr page.

Our congrats to the overall winner of Wolfpack Hustle’s Unified Series, Edgar “Willo” Juarez and his sponsor “Unknown Bikes“. Props on all your hard work and thanks for keeping the wolfpack dog tags in LA.

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Shout out to the guys over at Ergon for once again sponsoring the annual King of Vegas race! They make really great racing gloves that our team has been using for awhile. Make the podium of the KOV and you’ll get a pair for yourself. As one of our long time sponsors we are proud to have them onboard.


As the cash and swag rolls in we will be updating the blog, so check back to see just how big the stash is! You can also check out the loot in last years KOV photo package.

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Props to Willo for Winning the Wolfpack Hustle Race Series Championship! Check out the dope video of him training in Long Beach on his UNKNOWN Bikes. This awesome smashing video was shot during his training leading up to the Wolfpack victory. You can get the Willo x CrankLA colab T-shirt featured in the video at OOOYEAH!

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TRAFIK is excited to welcome on board our newest Headline Sponsor for the annual KING OF VEGAS race, “SPARSE”! They have a brand new light set that is really solid, sleek, and hard to steal. We are really impressed with their quality and cool design! But check them out for yourself at their site, they will also be at InterBike. So check back for exciting info and a full wrap-up for the KING OF VEGAS race! We will be updating the TRAFIK blog as we get new sponsors and swag for the race, and live updates from Vegas the 3 days we are there! So check back here at

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TRAFIK is proud to officially announce the annual KING OF VEGAS race! If you dont know, the KOV is a wild alley cat through the neon lit streets and back alleys of Sin City. Last year there was over $1200 in CASH awarded and awesome prize bags for the podium stuffed with hundreds of dollars of swag from great sponsors like Rapha, Boombotix, and City Grounds. We had racers come out from all over the U.S. and beyond like Lucas Brunell, who raced with his famous two cam helmet and documented the action. So that being said, THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE MORE AWESOME! We figured it wasn’t enough for the racers to just ride. So in the spirit of Vegas, racers will also be playing poker. Lets explain…

This is a 3 checkpoint race where racers will collect a total of 5 playing cards, and the racer with the best hand will win an awesome surprise gift (cannot reveal yet, but it’s dope!). So even if you don’t come in first, you still have a chance to cop some ill prizes.

First Male and first FEMALE split the CASH MONEY + 1st Place Podium Bag
2nd and 3rd also get sweet Podium bags stuffed with dope S**T from our sponsors!
First Male Fixed and First FEMALE Fixed get a BONUS CASH prize!
Podium bags awarded to the top 3 Male and 3 Female finishers.

This race is open bike category. Race any kind of bicycle you like. The first Male & Female to cross the finish line with all of the checkpoints marked off on the manifest are the winners. Simple as that.

King Of Vegas 2012 from FIXIEFAMOUS on Vimeo.

Sponsors, it’s not too late to be a part part of the biggest race at Interbike! If you want to become a headline sponsor or are just interested in product sponsorship, email us at

So we’ll see you out on the Vegas Strip, Thursday, Sept. 19th at 10pm.

*This is NOT a closed course race. Participants assume all risks and liabilities. Street racing is an inherently dangerous sport, please wear a helmet and ride within your abilities.

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