Remember that time we thought we lost those photos of the K-town Scratch Race but they were actually stuck on a memory stick in between a bunch of family holiday pics? Yeah, that time…

Kushtown Society threw a scratch race right before the holidays. It was a good chance to win some extra Christmas presents and LA came out. The course was a short circuit in the middle of K-town, the last rider to cross the finish line each lap was “scratched”. Over 50 riders came out, so they were set to do 50, 1-mile laps. More than an hour in the police pulled up and started hassling us and ended up blocking the road and cutting the race short. Fuck. But by that time there was a clear leader, Felipe Castillo from Gorilla Smash Squad and Leader took it.

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TRAFIK represents fixed gear everywhere, so when Florida’s FYXD305 hit us up to sponsor their alleycat it was a no-brainer!

Over 50 competitors came out to race in downtown Miami, Florida and unlike most of the world right now the weather was perfect! Racers rode anywhere from 12 to 25 miles tallying up checkpoints, depending on the route they took.

In the end there was only enough room for 3 on the podium. Congrats to the winners, enjoy that TRAFIK swag!
1. Fabian Garcia
2. Andrew G
3. Marcelo Araica

Everyone knows there is only one thing to do after a race and that is to party! With DJs, drinks, beer, food, bbq and icecream, what else could you want? Great turn out and thanks to all involved! Check back soon for a video!
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This vid features Wolfpack’s own Fabian on the fixie and was shot by Warren Kommers. Cant wait to see Sagan in Cali, this is going to be awesome!

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This motorcycle isn’t exactly a, well, motorcycle. But looks fun, and definitely worth a few laughs!

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Fyxd305, the dudes from Florida’s fixed scene hit us up about a cool race they are throwing and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get involved! We are always stoked to sponsor events outside of LA and keep fixed gear culture growing. Even if you can’t come out to race Feb 22nd in FL, USA, you should still check out their video for the Candela 2 AlleyCat Race.

Fyxd305 Candela 2 AlleyCat Race Teaser from fyxd 305 on Vimeo.

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Pedal Fest Wrap-up




Pedal Fest went down this past weekend at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood. It was a full day of awesome races, music, beer and fun thrown by .Elohssa and TRAFIK. Below is an IG video from “@carlosfx12″ showing the final Gold Sprint between Youngster and Raul. The homie Raul ended up taking it and won himself a new THRONE Supreme-Lo frame and fork while Youngster walked away with a Boombotix Rex wireless speaker. Thanks to our awesome sponsors for the dope prizes!

The festivities started out at Space 15 Twenty with a 25 mile Checkpoint Race through and around the hectic streets of Los Angeles. Checkpoints took riders as far as North Hollywood, Santa Monica area, and even the Kush-Town meetup was featured as one of the stops.

By the time the racers were rolling back to the finishing line the beer was flowing, the party was kickin off, and everybody was getting ready for the Goldsprints! This was a head to head cycle race to see who could spin the fastest on stationary bikes. The swarming crowd cheered on as the giant screen behind the racers projected their live digital race.

A lot of new racers and spectators came out to the heart of Hollywood to enjoy this unique event. It was a huge success and we glad so many people came out to join in the fun! Special thanks for the live music by Ache Hz, Thesis and Eric Payton, Evan Roman, and to Box of Beats for the laying down those sick beats that kept our Goldsprints all hyped up!

Thanks to all our sponsors for helping make Pedal Fest such a huge success, especially City Grounds for supplying the GoldSprints. We are already talking about throwing another one this summer. Down? Stay tuned. See all the photos on our FLICKR PAGE TRAFIKPIX HERE!

Thanks to:  GKbicyclesThrone CyclesThe Heavy PedalState BicycleVolerBoombotixErgon BikesBernEmortalPBREmblem BicyclesWhite Lightning, City Grounds

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