Still got that stupid nasty old water bottle? Got no water bottle at all? What’s the matter with you? It’s time to upgrade to the official TRAFIK BURNER BOTTLE 2.0 “SUGIMON ATTACK!”.

The black and white design is dope and it will go with your bike no matter what color it is. Plus, you’re not just getting a water bottle, you’re getting hooked up with a whole package full of #SUGIMON decals, our classic TRAFIK decals and our new TRAFIK 3 button set! What more could you ask for?

The new BURNER BOTTLE 2.0 is Japanese inspired, but designed right here in Los Angeles by the very talented LEEN. He is a rider and graf artist from LA and has been part of the fixed gear scene even before To Live & Ride In LA came out! Here’s what he had to say about his new project:

Leen- “Everyone knows you need a water bottle if you are serious about riding, and I just wanted one that was cool and represents fixed riding culture. It was important to me that it was an art piece and told a story. So I designed the new Burner Bottle 2.0 with that in mind”.

Get your very own Burner Bottle 2.0 “SUGIMON ATTACK!” right here!

Here are the deets…
*24 oz. Capacity
*BPA Free LDPE Plastic
*BioGreen Biodegradable Plastic
*Soft and Squeezable
*Wide Mouth Opening
*Push/Pull Rubberized Nozzle
*Improved Design

Like this:

This may look a bit out of place here, but we are committed to international fixed gear culture. So regardless of the surface you ride on or where you are from, get out there and ride your fixed, it’s friday!!!

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This fixed video from Latvia just came out and we thought it worth a look! Two fixed riders are in a chase through traffic, parking garages, what looks like a freeway. Rest assured, here are plenty of skids and even some stair sets. We don’t want to give it all away, but the ending might surprise you! Enjoy!

THE FIXED CHASE from Skilluminati on Vimeo.

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Time to kick off your week! So we found another fixie rider from half way around the world who is doing some cool stuff. Props on the backwards wheelie, homie! Check out their channel for more vids featuring some some velodrome action and cool bikes that you probably haven’t seen in the US. Ok, now it’s your turn, Ride your bike and spread the love!

Thanks for the “Likes” and “Shares”

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We just found this cool little teaser flick online and thought you might enjoy catching a little international spinning from our asian brothers. Check out their website in the details or by clicking HERE! And don’t forget to ride your bike, cus it’s always Friday somewhere!

BANK04 from goooove on Vimeo.

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Bike theft is going up by as much as 230% in some areas of California like Santa Monica! That’s right, bikes are getting nabbed right and left! So do yourself a favor and DONT LEAVE YOUR BIKE ANYWHERE!!! If you have to leave it, at least use a U-lock! Which by the way are referred to as “D-locks” elsewhere. Stay smart, stay safe, stay fixed!

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