You guys asked for it, and we listened. We’re happy to announce that the Burner Bag is back in stock!

The New TRAFIK Burner Bag from TRAFIK on Vimeo.

Fixed gear culture is all about self-expression. Why not wear your creativity on your hip? TRAFIK presents the new Burner Bag. Paint it. Tag it. Bomb it… Do You.

The TRAFIK Burner Bag is a hip pouch/tool bag that was designed to be drawn on, painted, stickered, and sprayed… just about anything works on this bag. The Burner Bag is made from weatherproof Cordura with a special white vinyl front that is your canvas. It has a ton of interior space for all your essentials, industrial grade velcro closures, a secret pocket for your money, keys, stash, whatever, large (2.5 in) belt loops, plus sewn in 3M reflective strips so cars see you at night.

This hip bag is made to be used and abused, then used again…Want to change up your artwork? Just buff it out and throw up a new piece. Write a message to the drivers behind you, catch a tag, sticker bomb the sh*t out of it. Make a statement. It’s time for you to be the designer… Do You.

The TRAFIK Burner Bag comes with our Signature Black Reflective Decal + some other stickers we’ll throw in to get you started.

Get the TRAFIK Burner Bag now!

Handmade in L.A. by FAMLI Straps, so you know it’s great quality.

• 1,000 denier weatherproof Cordura outer shell and interior
• Secure internal pocket with tough Velcro closures
• 2.5 in. loops designed to accommodate large belts
• 13oz. white vinyl front – your canvas
• 3M reflective strips on top and bottom
• Nylon 69 thread

Dimensions: 8.5” wide, 5.5” high, 3” deep (That’s what she said)
Volume: 140 cubic in. / 77 Fluid Ounces

Visit the Shop to get your Burner Bag!

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The Red Hook Crit in the Navy Yard was gnarly! We heard only a handfull of racers were able to complete the race without wreckin or getting lapped! I wonder why?? Check out this video crash compilation of all the worst wrecks! It’s pretty gruesome to see these guys flying full speed into and over walls, then try to imagine being in the crowd and having a bike fly 20 feet right over your head! Well this video gives you a pretty good idea!

But there is some good news, Wolfpack rider Fabian Vazquez was there representing LA and weaved his way through the wreckage like a BOSS! Check the video below. Glad you made it out OK Fabian.

Wolfpack Hustle team rider Fabian Vazquez evades major crash at Red Hook Crit from Midnight Ridazz on Vimeo.

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This rickety POS maybe be the ugliest and sketchiest Fixie we’ve ever seen, but damn if it doesn’t make for a kick-ass video! It’s Friday, so of course, go ride your bike! But then you can come back and check out the “behind the scenes/making of the jet bike” at Colin Furze’s Channel. He also has a lot of other crazy random videos!

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Looks like Google glass has some competition, the Recon Jet! If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically your smartphone built into a pair of glasses with a visual display in your field of vision that allows you to watch videos, pictures, directions and more, plus it can be controlled via voice. So now imagine always monitoring your speed, cadence, time, bpm, turn by turn directions, you name it, and all without taking your eyes of off the road. This is going to be sick and everyone is going to have them, it’s just a matter time.

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This is a cool video highlighting the 2nd place racer, Stanridge, with POV and after race talk. Check it out and get some insight on how serious these riders are! This is a whole different level of fixed gear racing and this video does a good job of capturing the high level competition and overall sketchiness involved! This Saturday, June 8th, is the next Red Hook Crit in NY and we can’t wait!

Check back for an update on this race and don’t forget to like and share!

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A century a day




Gotta give it up for these guys, putting in lots of working miles! Doing centuries in dense London traffic while working is no joke. The most impressive part is that he has only been in one accident. Props, my man! But can’t say we would want to do that everyday.

Check out the full article right here.

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