Time to kick off your week! So we found another fixie rider from half way around the world who is doing some cool stuff. Props on the backwards wheelie, homie! Check out their channel for more vids featuring some some velodrome action and cool bikes that you probably haven’t seen in the US. Ok, now it’s your turn, Ride your bike and spread the love!

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We just found this cool little teaser flick online and thought you might enjoy catching a little international spinning from our asian brothers. Check out their website in the details or by clicking HERE! And don’t forget to ride your bike, cus it’s always Friday somewhere!

BANK04 from goooove on Vimeo.

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Bike theft is going up by as much as 230% in some areas of California like Santa Monica! That’s right, bikes are getting nabbed right and left! So do yourself a favor and DONT LEAVE YOUR BIKE ANYWHERE!!! If you have to leave it, at least use a U-lock! Which by the way are referred to as “D-locks” elsewhere. Stay smart, stay safe, stay fixed!

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Dose interviews NYC native Ed Wonka about his new FGFS brand and talk about what it is to be a pro FGFS rider. The guys just sent this over, so check it out and share the love!

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We just found this video online and had to share! Solid filming going down a steep ass hill on a freestyle fixed with no brakes! Check it out, it’s pretty sketchy at the end!

Steep as hell and kinda scary.
filmed by Jake Hanson

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This is a cool video we found of 11 riders from around the world who traveled over 400 miles in 4 days! Not bad! Gotta give it up for the brakeless fixie foos! Now it’s your turn, get out there and put some miles in! And send us your cool vids!

NYC-MTL Trailer from Ombres & Lumières on Vimeo.

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