The Wolfpack Hustle continues to impress! This year over 3,000 riders showed up for the annual Marathon Crash Race, which the LA Times called “the largest urban-underground street race in the world”. Participants from around US gathered at 3:30am to crash the course for the LA marathon just as the city shuts down the city streets.

Photo – Alex De Cordoba

Although the streets are shut down and riders have the aid of the LA police things still got quite hairy when riders were confronted with cones, caution tape, crews and even some live traffic. Needles to say, there were a few crashes. But that just goes with the territory. Check out the crash below!

Video – Anthony Zelaya

Racers came from all over, even out of state. But Arizona was the most notable, probably because they all sported the same state bicycle kit and ended up walking away with a few dog tags.  (1st fixed Craig Streit and 2nd fixed Scott Piercefield)

Photo – Reckless Behavior

Complete final results are yet to be announced. But we do have an image of the first place winner wearing a Wolfpack Hustle kit. Check back for all the final results and enjoy some more pics we have found online!

Photo – Cool ass Mike Bowers

Wolfpack is still working out the exact placement of the racers. But here is a slowed down video where you can try to pick yourself out.

Video – ttyylleerr qquuiinn





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Are you ready?!! Sunday morning is going to be the biggest unsanctioned cycling race in the city of Los Angeles. Of course we are talking about the Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race! TRAFIK had a lot of fun helping out in this race last year and we are excited to see what happens this time around!


For cycilists in Los Angeles, there will be no sleep this Saturday night. Early Sunday morning, just as the city shuts down more than 26 miles of city streets in preparation for the ASICS Marathon, thousands of cyclists will crash the course for their own race! Cyclists will come from all around for this rare chance to ride the streets of Los Angeles with no cars!


Above is the finish line shot and below are the victorious! Click here for the full “2012 Crash Race” photo album!


Last year had an epic turn out and we are excited to see what goes down this year!  Check Back for updates and results!

Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race DETAILS

Sunday March 17th @ Sunset & Fountain

Meet at 3:30am

Ride at 4:30am



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The Wolfpack Marathon Crash Race is the Weekend! People have been asking lots of questions so all the deets are below. Make sure to get there early, last years race had over 2000 riders. This year is going to be even bigger! EPIC!

Sunday March 17th

Meet time: 3:30am

Rolling time: 4:30am

4341 W Sunset Blvd, LA, Ca 90029

(Tangs Donuts @ Sunset & Fountain)

2 starting areas this year. 1 for Racers and 1 for Fun Riders. Don’t get in the racers way, they are fast and don’t give a F*uk.

View Marathon Crash Route Map in a larger map

The city shuts down more than 25 miles of Los Angeles streets the night before the LA Marathon – Be there to experience riding with no traffic, no lights and no cops (only friendly ones).

Men and Women have an option to race in the Fixed or Geared category and dog tags will be handed out to the winners. Best of luck, see you there!



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