Wolfpack Hustle continues to up their game every race they hold. This event was their very first Crit and the outcome was epic! Riders were coming out of the wood works all the way from San Francisco, San Diego, Arizona and even as far as New York!

Competition was tough and the course was filled with many dedicated riders who didn’t make the podium like Wolfpack riders John Gabriel and Fabian Vazquez who were both involved in different race ending crashes. Craig Streit and John Gabriel are both Dog tag holders, and sadly were both involved in the same crash. GSS brought out a solid team and had top 10 finishers in every category but women’s road. Props to the LA homie Edgar (Willo) Juarez for competing alone and finishing 2nd FIXED!

Men’s Track: 1. Walton Brush 2. Edgar Juarez 3. Austin Horse
Men’s Road: 1. Sean McElroy 2. Brian Forbes 3. Evan Strade
Women’s Track: 1. Jo Celso 2. Kelli Samuelson 3. Martha Mauricio
Women’s Road: 1. Kathryn Donovan 2. Priscilla Calderon 3. Jo Celso

Congrats to the winners who worked so hard for their title. It was awesome to see so many racers flying around the corners not to mention the two gnarly hairpin turns on every lap! Wolfpack did a great job of planning out the course so there would be minimal crashes and we can’t wait for their upcoming Drag Race on Sept 7th which will be held at the 6th street bridge. Mark it down, tell your friends, and BRING YOUR HUSTLE!

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Summer is here and the demand was high, so we brought the BURNER BAG back to celebrate creativity. If you’re following us on Facebook, you probably noticed our Burner Bag Design Contest which ended earlier this week. Well, the results are in and we have a WINNER…

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This is what it looked like to qualify for the WPH Crit in the 18th position with a unofficial time of 1:27. This is the last of the 4 qualifying laps. All 109 fixed riders were timed against each other and had 3 laps to get into the top 50 spots. But only the fastest lap of the 3 were counted, so knowing this Gorilla Smash Squad and Engine 11 teamed up and let the other riders speed ahead, waiting for the very final lap to turn up the heat once the road ahead was clear… And they all qualified for the final!

This was only one of many many cameras we had, so check back for more compiled footage, coverage, and pics right here at www.TRAFIKLA.com

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Crit Prep Tips




So it’s only a few days before the big race and you’re thinking you better get some last minute training in. WRONG! The time for smashing out centuries is over and now all there is to do is rest. Really, you don’t want to ware yourself out! So check the tips below, then kick back and enjoy your favorite cycling movie, like To Live And Ride In LA, for example!

1.  Ride the course and familiarize yourself with the turns.

2.  Be properly fueled by having a solid meal at least 2 hours before race time.

3.  Tune your bike up. You don’t want any unexpected surprises.

4.  Rest as much as possible the day before and get plenty of sleep.

5.  Warm up and stretch before the race. You wanna be ready when that race starts!

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TRAFIK is proud to announce that we are now an OFFICIAL SPONSOR of the Gorilla Smash Squad (GSS). This is a talented group of young LA riders reppin K-Town who started racing in alley-cats and other events, and have recently started competing and winning legit sanctioned races. In the 2012 and 2013 WPH Crash Race they had multiple riders finish in the top 10 and they are looking to clean up in the Wolfpack Hustle Crit and Drag race, both of which play to their strengths. They also have a secret weapon on the squad, State Champion and King of Vegas Winner – Tony Zaldua.

TRAFIK is very excited for the upcoming race season and to be supporting such a dedicated race squad. Check out our blog all season for updates on the Gorilla Smash Squad races and meet the team below!

Race team
Instagram -Gorillasmashsquad

Steven Ny Facebook, Instagram – @neuyorkgss
Tony Z Facebook
Ivan Delgado Facebook, Instagram – @ivandelgado_gss
Juan Carlos Facebook, Instagram – @jcperez_gss
Anthony Z Facebook, Instagram – @anthonybadowshki
Felipe Facebook, Instagram – @felipecastillo_gss
Nyrah Facebook,  Instagram – @nyrahheartsgss
Michelle Khare Facebook
Rest of the squad
Anthony Olmos Facebook, Instagram – @bitchassanthony
Henry G Facebook
Jose R Facebook

Photo credit by Raquel Natalicchio

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Register for the Wolfpack Crit while you can, cus it’s all going down next Sunday! Everybody’s getting amped up for this race and participants are coming from all over to get in on the action! Naturally TRAFIK will be there in full force with a tent so stop by, grab some Gatorade, shoot the shit, and check out the merch. This race is going to be quite the spectacle, so don’t miss out!

Date: June 23rd
Time: Check-in 10am, 12pm Qualifiers, 4pm Finals
Location: LA City Hall 200 North Spring St. LA, CA 90012
Categories: Men’s Road, Men’s Fixed, Women’s Road, Women’s Fixed

Check the Wolfpack’s site for full details

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