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Already 2015 has been a crazy year for us over here at TRAFIK so we wanted to start of the blog with a safety message for all you foos looking to get your ride on. Most of us ride on the street and it’s important to remember that cars are a lot more likely to co-operate with you if they know what you’re doing. So take your lane, be predictable and show cars where you are going. Check out the pic and article below from Bicycling.com -Sign Language

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Welcome back to the last TRAFIK report of 2014, we’re glad you tuned in. Here is what our fans were talking about most last week on our TRAFIK fb page.

First off, we had a lot of fans in the Christmas spirit but it was especially nice to see our art aficionados. And thanks to google for getting the rest of us up to speed…

And who knew horses had such a mean whip skid? But just for the record, we wouldn’t try this for yourself, assuming you even had a horse…

Finally we would like to leave you with this as a warning coming into new years eve. Beware of your friends, especially when drinking…

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From the TRAFIK team to everyone out there, Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season. Post some pics of your Holiday fixie Swag on our FACEBOOK page and let us know if you had a good #FIXDMAS.

Here’s a little vid from our friends at Velocity to get you into the Holiday spirit…

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Welcome back to the TRAFIK report, our most talked about post from our facebook page. Enjoy a few fixie photos while you kick it this holiday season. So here is what we learned last week…

First off, if you’re throwing a race in Singapore and don’t want to get arrested you might want to think twice…

And if you didn’t already know, Safa is a monster on the track bike! FYI USA, 85 klm is over 52 mph…

Finally, as sad as it is to deface the legendary hangout for LA cyclists, this is still one of the funniest things we saw with our own eyes and glad you enjoyed the pic.

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Get your bike and a bag cus it’s time for the LA FIXMAS race, presented by OC Brakeless! This is an awesome chance to have a fun race and give back at the same time. We hope you meet us on the 21st @noon for one of the last races of the year! Thanks for the “LIKE” & “SHARE” foos!

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TRAFIK is stoked to be a part of the REINDEER GAMES race this holiday season! It’s being put on by our buddies in TEXAS. They always come out to the Wolfpack events and it’s always a good time catching a griffith ride with them! This is going to be a fun race and a great last chance to get your NICE on before FIXDMAS is here! Hope to see you out there foos!

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