We Ride Together, We Die Together…No Rider Left Behind.
It’s our motto, our message, our pact. Fixed Gear Culture is a global brotherhood of #TRUERIDERS and this new tee-shirt release by TRAFIK x YEAH! is a celebration of our shared culture that transcends race, politics, and language.

The TRUE RIDERS SOCIETY Tee-shirt package is the result of months of work with our international partner YEAH! BDG all the way from Bandung, Indonesia. YEAH! is a group of riders and designers who feel the same way we do about Fixed Gear Culture. Although we didn’t speak the same language, it was obvious we were on the same page. We worked with Boncu, their in house graf artist, to create something truly unique to celebrate this global culture. The original font we incorporated is based off ancient Indonesian text (Sundanese for you language geeks out there), and the front graphic is dedicated to our friends and fellow riders who have left it all on the street, doing what they love.

We wanted to make this the best product we have ever released, so we only used super high quality material – a difference you can really feel, and we wanted to include as many cool details as possible. Not only is there a front and rear graphic on this shirt, but two hidden logo hits on the sleeves and a printed size label. You’ll also find TRAFIK and YEAH! woven labels sewn in to finish off this piece of wearable art. But we didn’t stop there…

We added a printed TRUE RIDERS SOCIETY Hangtag and chain that explains the idea of the collaboration, and we had some special stickers made that only come with this package. You’ll get some TRAFIK x YEAH! reflective decals and a sticker version of the front skull & helmet graphic. Plus, everyone’s favorite TRAFIK Bike Decals are thrown in too. Everything is packaged all nice and neat in a custom printed True Riders Society envelope that you’re not gonna want to throw away.

So we are stoked on this international collab and we hope you are too! To sweeten the deal, if you are one of the first orders we will include a limited YEAH! sticker pack AND if you order TWO shirts, we will throw in a branded YEAH! Canvas Tote bag as a thank you gift (while supplies last). We already sent out a couple samples of this product, so we were glad to hear the nice things Folly had to say.

So stop by the TRAFIK SHOP and check it out for yourself. Did we mention these are Limited Edition? Yup, when they are gone, that’s it. So to all you #TRUERIDERS out there, thanks for supporting Global Fixed Gear Culture.

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Women letting it all hang out, and finally its legal! Props to the ladies of NY!

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This should spice up the trip to NY for the Redhook crit race!

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Bike to work day




Today was “bike to work day” in many places, and the turn outs were good. We were in LA and there was a lot of cool stuff going on like free bike tuning and free Water bottles. But enjoy one of the more off the wall photos from today! p.s. You better have ridden your bike today!

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This is a real cool event that went down in San Francisco a few weeks ago, and since then we have had a chance to talk with some of the competitors. From the video you can see the park is designed like a freestyle skate park with features like ramps, rails, ledges, and everything is tagged with really cool street art. Redbull always puts on awesome events, and it’s cool to see FIXED GEAR getting some love! Congrats to all our LA homies!

Now here’s a little insider info: You may be interested to know that although the race is set up in a Freestyle park, all 3 of the qualifiers for the race were completely different from this event. You would think the qualifying races would resemble the actual race with some wall rides and jumps so that the qualifying riders would be suited to the course. But here is how it actually went down. Qualifying races were strictly geared toward high road a track riders, racing on bikes hardly resembling the FGFS style. We are talking guys in spandex with $10,000 road bikes, here. So when it came to race day many dropped out or just did not do well because they were unsuited to ride the course with thin tired road/track bikes. The course even had to be changed last minute because the riders refused jumping one of the more complicated obstacles that were intended for the race. Anyways, the winner ended up being on a FGFS bike with large tires, just beating Hern from LA(featured in To Live And Ride In LA). But don’t let us give you the wrong impression, it was still was an awesome event. Just though you might like some knowledge to munch on.

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For many, Friday is a reminder to be crazy and awesome again. Go out and do what you do!

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TRAFIK is gearing up for an awesome summer and is preparing to release a bunch of products designed especially for fixed gear riders! One of the most exciting is our new “True Riders Society” T-Shirt & Decal package! Let us just say, that the quality of these shirts is UNREAL and the LIMITED EDITION Package we put together is going to go FAST! But don’t take our word for it, we gave FOLLY an advanced copy and this is what they had to say… - Click To Read Full FOLLY Article -

YEAH! is an international design firm that creates high quality wear for urban peeps. They are made up of graffiti artists, skaters, cyclists, and other cool people…sounds like a match made in heaven to us! We spent a lot of time on Skype working with them to create this one-of-a-kind package with custom stickers, packaging, and other bells and whistles to make this product something you are going to want to hang on your wall.

We know you will love this new venture so watch for the TRUE RIDERS SOCIETY Tee to hit the TRAFIK Shop SOON!

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