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First, this may be the slickest super fight skills ever recorded featuring a bike…

Second, getting caught peeping bike porn can be harder to explain than regular porn…

And lastly, you might not want to try this at home. Remember, you live life at your own risk!

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We are stoked to have two articles and photo spreads featured in the latest “Icons” issue of Urban Cyclist Magazine, your source for everything about that urban bike lyfe. Read our feature “The Perfect Storm” about the Red Hook Crit held during a torrential downpour and follow our NYC Travel Guide, “24HRS in NYC“, to see what’s good when you take your bike to the Big Apple. Available on new stands now! And if they don’t have it, ask for it.

This year’s Red Hook Crit was one for the record books, especially when it comes to average rainfall. Read all about the slippery fun in our featured article…

Planning on taking a bike trip to NYC and want to roll like a local? Forget the tourist maps and check out our travel guide of back alleys and local haunts.

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Angered by morning traffic? This is how you take your morning commute to the next level!

Hope you enjoyed this edit from To Live & Ride In LA

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So we found out this bike is almost the perfect fixed ride…

…And you should never trust your GPS, Fixie foos…

…But no matter how hard you work, it don’t mean shit to the internet if it’s a #DriveSideFail  

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Finally, the rap battle we’ve all been waiting for. But you know fixed gear riders drop better rhymes…

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TRAFIK is stoked to sponsor the first annual Frontera Fija Alleycat, June 21st in Cuidad Juarez Mexico. It’s a 13 checkpoint race around the city and 150-200 racers are expected to show up from New Mexico, Phoenix, Texas, Chihuahua and beyond. We talked to Neto, the race organizer, about riding conditions in the city… “The concrete streets are sometimes broken and the drivers really don’t care about cyclists, but if you are careful and wear a helmet, it will be a lot of fun”.

Sponsors are on board and this shaping up to be the biggest bike race Juarez has ever seen. Go check it out yourselves or revisit the blog for a follow-up!

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