Gonna take a time out and send our thoughts out those friends and loved ones who were on last night’s Kushtown ride.
If you haven’t heard, last night in LA, one of our large group rides was run over by a drunk driver. A group of 50 were waiting on the side on the road (bike lane, sidewalk) for the rest of group ride to catch up, when a drunk driver plowed into about half of them. She struck anywhere from 20 to 30 riders. Putting 11 of them in the hospital and critically injuring two of those riders. It has been said that she was on her cell phone and just ran into the group. This terrible news. A lot of our friends and supporters were on that ride. No matter what the outcome, there is no need for this to happen. Drinking and driving don’t mix, there is no excuse for it anymore. This could have been a group of people just walking around and they could have been struck by this careless women. Please keep these fellow riders in your thoughts over the next few days. Thank you.

Source/ Photo: KTLA

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Eight More Days




One week and a day. Then the flim the whole cycling world has been waiting for finally drops on Itunes and DVD (the only spot to get the 40 mins of extra footage, so cop the DVD!) We taking this post to remind you guys about the webstore, the only place to get TL&R exclusive merchandise. We are having a DVD release party on the 25th of June at Royal/T in Culver City. We want to see a sea of Black TL&R/ Trafik/ Chubby Boob shirts in the crowd that night. Our riders really worked hard for this film and it would be killer to have you guys (the fans) support the craziness they went through during filming. Lets show the world how LA does it!!!
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Saint Motel, has some the best videos out there. So creative and very fun to watch. Plus, the music kicks ass. Really keeps you moving. Driving rhythms is what you what blasting through your headphones, while you keep the rubber side down. We very proud to have Saint motel on the soundtrack for TL&R! Check out more Saint Motelhere and be sure to get your copy of TL&R here, 6/21//11!!!

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White Lighting, this is what keeps our Chains spinning, and our bikes moving. There is nothing like a nice clean and lubed drive train. That feeling of smoothness and a buttery chain to keep you spinning in silence. White lighting does that for our riders, our bikes haven’t spun better, since we started using White Lighting. It is the Jam. With enough Chain Lube products to cover all the weather elements you might come across, and cleaning products to keep that drive running smooth, nothing can beat White Lighting. Thanks for being a proud sponsor of TL&R! Remember 6/21/11!!!

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