Yesterday was a smash success. Another Race brought to by our friends at TOLA! Sean has really made this into the race of the year, year after year. Epic and fun, with everyone walking away with product and smiles. We very happy to be apart of it and sponsor this race, year after year. To the results and what went down!
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TRAFIK is always stoked this time of the year, not only is summer right around the corner, but one of the biggest races of the year is happening THIS WEEKEND! The LORD OF GRIFFITH 3! TOLA is the evil creator of this race, so you know this shit will be ill.

TRAFIK has been a proud sponsor of this race from the beginning and this year is no different. Not only are we supplying dope prize bags but we will be premiering a short film at the race afterparty that we shot during the FIRST LOG and can now be found only on the BONUS FEATURES of To Live & Ride in L.A. (Available on DVD 6.21.2011)

Here’s a peek inside the prize bags for the top finishers…
- To Live & Ride in L.A. logo T’s designed by Swank One
- NSECT watches from TIK (dope new sponsor)
- THOMSON Elite seat posts and stems – make your ride official
- KeoRocks from DVS
- More Lube than a porn set from White Lighting (plus other swag to keep your ride running smoove)
- Cycling caps from Rapha
- OURY grips – every color of the rainbow

Thanks to our great sponsors for supporting fixed gear culture.

People have been hitting us up about the deets for the race, so here they are. Ride fast, ride safe, and don’t let the competition see you puke – this race will be gnarly.

LOG III – Who will be the King of the Mountain – FIXED ONLY!
START TIME: 2pm Sharp -get there early.
LOCATION: Griffith Park, enter on Ferndell (off Los Feliz), go up the hill, first parking lot on the left is the starting line. You’ll see banners and the start/finish by the white gate.
RACE: 3 Laps around the park – exact course will be announced at the start
AFTER PARTY – At the GRAVEL PIT 4210 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90029. Come for the beer, stay for the premiere of LOG I – the original documentary of the very first LOG race.

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Ballerina Black, this what I would have in my headphones for LOG lll this Sunday. Driving music to get you up those climbs. The kind of music that gets you moving around ever corner, picking the correct line through Traffic without even thinking about it. The kind of music that we are proud to have featured on TL&R. Relentless and thought provoking. Ballerina Black, get some here! Don’t forget 6/21/11, get your copy, so you can see how Ballerina Black makes us move!

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Yanco is the Homie. He makes some of the best hats to wear under helmets in the Business, and look great when not wearing a helmet.
So stylish, very functional. I have a huge collection of Yanco Caps, and recently have been stocking up on the Tracko x Yanco Colab caps.
That’s right, one of our riders has a colab going on with one of our Sponsors! That’s how we do it here in LA, we all work together to make this a huge community. Think Global, work Local! Thanks to Yanco for suppling the goods to keep our head covered! Be sure to check out what other soft goods Yanco has got for guys. Great stuff made here in LA by a solid rider.

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6/21/11. So Close. Can you feel it? Lots of good things about to be announced and happening soon enough. We feel like we are just teasing ya’ll, when what we are trying to do, is whip you into a frenzy, then drop this film for the whole world to enjoy. Is it working? We hope so.
We really want to hear from you guys. We want to know what is happening in our Global Community? Hit us on our FB, tweet us, leave comments on our Youtube page. Email us at We just want to hear from you! Come to our events if you are local. We got an amazing one this weekend at the afterparty for the LOG lll, a sneak Peek of the DVD extra features! Come race then come hang out! Not matter if you Live & Ride in LA or shred the mean streets of Jakarta, we are all one of the same. A Global world of Track and Fixed Gear riders! 6/21/11!!!

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Josh (JMWRainwater) won for the most thumbs up on the Retna Aerospoke Video! You get a Trafik prize pack! Please email us at and we’ll ship it out to you! Congrats Josh. To the rest of you keep your eyes out for more contests as the 6/21/11 release date gets closer! Swoop here!

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