6/21/11. So Close. Can you feel it? Lots of good things about to be announced and happening soon enough. We feel like we are just teasing ya’ll, when what we are trying to do, is whip you into a frenzy, then drop this film for the whole world to enjoy. Is it working? We hope so.
We really want to hear from you guys. We want to know what is happening in our Global Community? Hit us on our FB, tweet us, leave comments on our Youtube page. Email us at info@trafikla.com. We just want to hear from you! Come to our events if you are local. We got an amazing one this weekend at the afterparty for the LOG lll, a sneak Peek of the DVD extra features! Come race then come hang out! Not matter if you Live & Ride in LA or shred the mean streets of Jakarta, we are all one of the same. A Global world of Track and Fixed Gear riders! 6/21/11!!!

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Josh (JMWRainwater) won for the most thumbs up on the Retna Aerospoke Video! You get a Trafik prize pack! Please email us at info@trafikla.com and we’ll ship it out to you! Congrats Josh. To the rest of you keep your eyes out for more contests as the 6/21/11 release date gets closer! Swoop here!

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Another Sneak Peek from TL&R. This is one of those scenes only available on the DVD (6/21/11). Buy it here!!! The DVD is stacked with 40 minutes of Bonus Features, this is just one of them.

This is an extended version of a scene from the film where Keo Curry and the Brimstone Riddaz check out one of LA’s well know spots, the beautiful LA River. Kuzberg goes in for a closer inspection. lol.

We are getting so close to the release. Don’t forget you can catch another sneak peek this Sunday at the Lord of Griffith lll afterparty! Be there.

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Bambu, so, so, so, nice on Mic. Great lyrics, great production, powerful messages. Sit down and Listen to “Something”, really listen to it. You take can’t walk away from that song without feeling something… We are here to talk about Bambu and how he stokes us to ride. That’s what he does. Driving beats to keep the rubber side down. We are proud to have Bambu featured on TL&R, and can’t wait to see what he has next for us. Remember 6/21/11 and you can see how Bambu holds it for LA.

Powerful song.

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The Deep V, The B43, The Fusion, The Aero, The Chukker. How many of these rims have you ridden on? I have ridden on most of them and still do. That’s why we are so proud to have Velocity as one of the Sponsors of TL&R. Why? Because, these are the best you can roll on. Our riders demand the best while shredding through live traffic. You should too. There is nothing like a strong pair of Fusion’s to help cut your lines through the mean streets of your city, or a fresh pair of Chukkers to stick that landing after a huge gap. Roll with the best and see how your style develops, we did. Thanks for the support Velocity!
Remember 6/21/11!!!

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One of our Riders, Tracko has up and opened his own shop with our friends TY and Woody. Golden Saddle Cyclery. We are super stoked for Tracko and want to tell everyone to roll through and support these guys. They have everything you want, bikes, components, maintenance/ repair, apparel, coffee, odds ‘n’ ends, great stories and from time to time beer (I recommend you bring the latter). Nestled right off of Sunset in Silverlake, GSC will become one of the places you must stop by, to visit this summer. Keep your eyes out for races, group rides and events all starting or happening here. We’ll do our best to keep you informed of the happenings here. Until then, here’s some shots of Tracko and his shop. Another one of our riders doing very well for himself. Remember 6/21/11 to see Tracko in action!
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