Every Tuesday leading up to the release of To Live & Ride in L.A., We will be releasing exclusive content from the DVD. Today’s video features fixed gear pioneer Keo Curry hitting up one of L.A.’s classic skate spots, Bronson Ditch. One of the best spots to take out of towners or just go kick with the homies…

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Our friends over at THEME magazine recently featured a great article about To Live & Ride in L.A. in their last issue. THEME is a really slick arts and lifestyle magazine out of NYC, we are glad they turned their focus on what is happening on the West Coast and what’s wheelie gewd with Fixed Gear Culture. We want to thank Theme for this Article. It’s very few and far between you really get to see what is happening on the streets of LA. This is one of our main goals, telling ya’ll what it is really like out here in So Cal. Thanks for your support!

“Revolution on the Streets of L.A”. – Nice title THEME.
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Every Friday, we’ll be posting videos, interviews, and local show info on Artists featured on the soundtrack for “To Live and Ride in LA“.
This way you can keep update with some the best local and global talent, and in my opinion, some of the best music to ride to…

First up, Crown City Rockers. Crown City Rockers are a five-member hip hop band from Oakland, California, by way of Boston, Massachusetts and Pasadena. Formerly known as Mission:, they play old school inflected hip hop music with live instrumentation (similar to other hip hop groups like: Gym Class Heroes, The Roots, N.E.R.D, and Stetsasonic). Super fresh, bringing back the pure hip-hop, makes me want to start poppin and lockin. Really smooth to ride to and keeps you moving at that fast pace. Great party rocking music, and while I couldn’t find any tour dates coming up in LA, be sure to check out their site for up to date info.

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TRAFIK is proud to have Dangerbird Records as a sponsor and collaborator on “To Live & Ride in L.A”. Located in Silverlake, Dangerbird has created a unique sound that inspires us to ride through the streets of L.A. blasting their music from our Boom Botix speakers. The film features some of their top artists: Silversun Pickups, Hot Hot Heat, Minus the Bear (personal fav), Bad Veins, Darker My Love, Dappled Cities, Eulogies and many more. Swag. Great music to ride to.

We also want to mention the Pablove Foundation, a non-profit formed by the owner of Dangerbird that helps fight childhood cancer. It’s a great organization that you should check out, especially if you’re a cyclist.

If you want top see the full soundtrack to the movie, go over to our MEDIA page and support our sponsor by downloading some tracks.
Then get out on those roads and shred to some awesome tunes!

Check back every Thursday for more sponsor highlights. Without our Proud Sponsors we would have not been able to bring this film to you. Thanks for your continued support!

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One of the new posts you will be seeing every Wednesday, will be Rider updates. What have they been up too? What are they doing since filming “To Live & Ride in LA“? Since this is the first week and it coincides with a Bi-weekly night this Saturday, that some of the riders put on, we thought we would do a little promoting for them. Sound.Wavs is the brain child of Anthony and Sean. A collective of DJ’s, beat makers, Emcees, and friends. They started last year as a weekly night at the Hyperion Tavern, every Thursday. Due to some disputes and the bar losing it’s live performance license, the night went on hiatus. It came with back with a vengeance. Sound.Wavs at The Ronin Gallery has become the one of the fastest growing underground nights in Los Angeles. It’s an amazing party with amazing performances from some of the best artists LA has to offer. With a rotating line up every two weeks, the guys are bringing you the best they can book. This Saturday is the fourth installment, and the Crew bought a new sound system and have some insane talent coming through this week. Swag. Look for more detailed interviews with both Sean and Anthony in the weeks ahead.

Sound.Wavs Event page and go like the Sound.Wavs FB page

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In the upcoming weeks, leading to the 6/21/11 release on itunes, Netflix, and DVD (only spot to get the bonus footage and features), keep your eyes tuned here daily for exclusive media swag, promo’s, contests, races, rider updates, and just all around news on what has been going on with us. We are really gonna be coming at you hard before and after the release, to show you that we are here, and we plan on being here, helping to create a Global Community out of this thing we called “Fixed Gear Culture”. Wednesday’s will be one of those go H.A.M. days with tons exclusive releases only available here. Keep your eyes here and the rubber side down.

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