Just spied this over at PC… Drool. Very pretty dropout from Pelizzoli.

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Which “To live & ride in LA” rider is getting to test this build out for a few weeks?
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Our good friends over at TOLA! threw a Sprint/ six Checkpoint race on Saturday this past weekend. The race was a follow to last years “Takeover Race”. A few months ago Sean, from TOLA! was contacted by a group of German riders, and was asked to host a “alleycat” and show them around. Sean asked Juan to throw the “Takeover ll” for the Germans. The race consisted of an all out 15 mile sprint from LAB to O20, then the racers rested for a bit and got ready for a six checkpoint “alleycat”. A great day was had by all, and the Germans seemed to have the most fun, racing through LA.
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To Live & Ride in L.A has been around the world and has one final screening in Australia before coming home to the good ol’ US of A.

This one is going to be good. Our friends over at Treadly bike shop in Adelaide, Australia are presenting the film with an alleycat to benefit the Japanese earthquake victims. Check out the poster, Aussies have a good sense of humor…

It’s going down this Sunday if you are in the Adelaide area, or if we all want to pitch in to buy JTR roundtrip airfare I think he can win this one.

Big thanks to Treadly and all the folks in Australia that have been emailing us about the DVD – it’s coming soon! Hope you enjoy the film.




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This is a cool piece created by David Rowe about the Brimstone Ridazz who are featured in To Live & Ride in L.A.

Here is what David Rowe had to say about it…
Hey everyone I’m really excited for the long awaited upcoming release of To Live & Ride in L.A. which is coming up just around the corner. In the meantime check out this video I did for Vimby about the Brimstone Ridaz who are featured throughout TL&R. It was good to work with the guys again and also include some footage we shot before that didn’t get used in the feature film. Anyway enjoy, and I promise this movie will be out before you know it!

Stay tuned for more updates on To Live & Ride in L.A., including where to cop a DVD – THIS SUMMER!

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Wake the fuck up for a true Midnight Run. Race starts at 4AM at Tang’s. Race through the closed off course for the LA Marathon. 26 miles of zero traffic. Last year’s race was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done, except for the vomit part. There are racers coming from as far away as Portland and Seattle for this one. A truly unique event for Los Angeles, this needs to be experienced. Thanks to Roadblock for having a vision and making it happen.

Here is the vid for last year’s race….

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