One half of the two part duo that comprises TOLA!, Sean Martin has been on top of his game for quite some time now. From throwing some of the best organized events and hardest street races in Los Angeles consistently year after year, to being one of the founding members of Sound.Wavs (best doorman ever) and Team Captain of the Chubby Boob bike team (our good friends) Sean is really poised to Takeover LA (no pun intended). He will be hosting Saturday’s event for ya’ll, so come and crack a beer with the Ginger Kid from Alaska.


“Because L.A. is such a car based city, you really do have to battle at times to get your space on the road. This is the one city (besides Anchorage, AK) where I have felt so much hate against you as a cyclist. Shit yelled at you, shit thrown at you, run off the road, alot of hit and runs, cut off, buzzed, etc… But it just makes you a better rider because you’re constantly on your toes, waiting for shit to go down. It’s a battle ground here, and everyday is like going to war on your bike. I love it and would never trade for any other city.

My favorite spot to ride in L.A. is just about anywhere with my homies. Just dipping through gridlocked traffic with your friends is the best. Star fighting around cars, and testing paceline skills, pushing each other to go faster everyday is the best part of riding in LA. If I had to pick on spot though… Griffith Park is amazing, an oasis in the middle of the city.

We have a really diverse bike community here in L.A., and I think that’s great. We have tons of bike events all the time, from huge social rides EVERY night, streets races EVERY weekend, to trick comps by the beach, there is always something going on.”


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Our Boy Jusi has been killing it as of late with his crew Sound.wavs. A group of beat miners who throw some of the funniest and illest music nights in LA. He goes by the name of Leagues while controlling the sounds that comes out of his head. He will be preforming live at the DVD release party this Saturday!


“It really isn’t that sketchy to ride in L.A. You just have to be aware of your surroundings and practice safe cycling.

The fixed scene is definitely getting huge out here. I love seeing people on bikes everywhere I go around L.A. People are always waving back and it’s always smiles for miles. I don’t know about setting a tone for other cities, but nothing beats riding year-round in the L.A. sun.”


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Brimstone Ridazz! One of the Westside riders in our film, you can find Fram at LA Brakeless working behind the counter or riding along Venice beach on any given day. He brought a lot good times to the shoot and if you want to see what we mean by that, you are gonna have to swoop on the DVD tonight at 12am! Then you better bring those good times to release party this Saturday.


“My favorite spot to ride is Venice Beach for sure. The beach is the center of activity for everything on the West side, from girlies to crazy bums to the smoothest concrete in L.A. There is also a lot of history in Venice Beach, maybe we’ll become a part of that. Sunset/Hollywood is a close 2nd.

People that come from other cities to ride here don’t understand how congested the streets really are. It’s like rush hour from 8-6 everyday. But, surprisingly, L.A. is a really beautiful place with lots of scenic views and parks. You just gotta get on your bike and find them.

The fixed bike scene is doing nothing but getting bigger and bigger! At first I noticed maybe one or two fixed gears a day, now it’s anywhere from 10 to 20 a day…at least.”


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Our main Guy Ace. If you have the pleasure of knowing Ace or riding with him, then you have meet one the best guys in Los Angeles on a bike.
If you haven’t then come get to know him at the DVD release party this Saturday. Be sure to cop your copy of the DVD tonight at 12am!!!

The Boogie Monster speaks:

“Riding in Los Angeles is a little intimidating to some. I feel this is the main reason people refrain from using a bike to commute. I remember riding a few years back and only seeing one cyclist on major streets. Now you can see them everywhere.

Griffith Park is my favorite place to ride in Los Angeles. This place has everything, whether it be rolling hills, long straightaways, or some’s there. Just like Griffith, Los Angeles as a city has varying terrain. There are all sorts of nooks and crannies to explore. It’s never ending.”


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The Godfather of FGFS, Keo. Los Angeles showed Keo a lot of love during filming of TL&R (which drops at 12am!!!), and we hope it left a lasting impression on him. It was a joy to have the Don of trickery, in our midst. Super down to earth and a fucking good time, is the kind of guy Keo Curry is.

LA by Keo:
“L.A. was a trip. The bike community is as large as the city itself, which is awesome, but commuting on a bicycle is impractical for most people. Good news is the Fixed Gear community does it eveyday. As far as traffic goes, the drivers proved much more aware of cyclists than I thought. George ran every light he could… Mercedes have good brakes!

The L.A. River is a spot I want to ride again for sure. It inspired me to get down, but we only spent an afternoon there. Next time.

During this film I made some true friends 4 life: Kuz, George, Fram, James, Joey, Fish, Beaves… BRIMSTONE!”


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To get you guys Hype for the DVD release tonight at 12am (midnight), we will be posting rider profiles throughout the day. Don’t forget, you
can party and watch the film this Saturday at Royal/T… The whole world will be watching with us as well, events are happening all over the Globe. We are a Global Community. Lets show them how we do!
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