This is a cool piece created by David Rowe about the Brimstone Ridazz who are featured in To Live & Ride in L.A.

Here is what David Rowe had to say about it…
Hey everyone I’m really excited for the long awaited upcoming release of To Live & Ride in L.A. which is coming up just around the corner. In the meantime check out this video I did for Vimby about the Brimstone Ridaz who are featured throughout TL&R. It was good to work with the guys again and also include some footage we shot before that didn’t get used in the feature film. Anyway enjoy, and I promise this movie will be out before you know it!

Stay tuned for more updates on To Live & Ride in L.A., including where to cop a DVD – THIS SUMMER!

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Wake the fuck up for a true Midnight Run. Race starts at 4AM at Tang’s. Race through the closed off course for the LA Marathon. 26 miles of zero traffic. Last year’s race was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done, except for the vomit part. There are racers coming from as far away as Portland and Seattle for this one. A truly unique event for Los Angeles, this needs to be experienced. Thanks to Roadblock for having a vision and making it happen.

Here is the vid for last year’s race….

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Recently with all the rain that’s been soaking (and snowing) L.A., saturday turned out to be a beautifully clear day – but still a windy and cold day for us spoiled socal kids. our good friends Sean of TOLA and Beaver, organized another fun and always inclusive race from mar vista park on the westside all the way to echo park lake, where you had to take a photo of lady of the lake statue, and then back. congrats to keiron aka coach k, riccardo, and all the other winners and race participants. winners were given custom medals and choices of prizes provided by all the race sponsors, including TRAFIK tees. thanks to all the participants who came out and we look forward to sponsoring this race again next year! enjoy the pics at our flickr!

1st roadie/overall - Keiron
1st fixed/2nd overall - Riccardo
2nd fixed/3rd overall - Hern
2nd roadie/4th overall - Ash
Danielle got 1st girl, and Carlos won 1st Grom!

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Banksy Art

Glad to have Banksy back in town. He’s had some pieces up in the Melrose/Hollywood area that have literally been cut off the walls. Hope these last longer. See more pics HERE.

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The Chubby Boob “Revenge of the Nerds” race went down in Riverside this past weekend. It was a great way to kick off the racing season with a really fun college themed race thrown by Chubby Boob, ACE, TOLA and Two Rabbits Studios.

Trafik - chubby revenge race 052 Trafik - chubby revenge race 019

Trafik - chubby revenge race 044

Riders had to hit multiple checkpoints where there was a panty raid, beer pong, and a paintball shooting gallery. Each racer was “graded” depending on when they arrived and if they could earn “extra credit”. The race manifests were report cards. Whose crazy ideas was this again?

Although some people got turned around on the unfamiliar streets, it ended up being an awesome event with great weather, clear streets, and a gang of fools showing up to rep LA. Great job putting together such a fun event. Check out some pics from Chubby Boob blog and TRAFIK Flickr.

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It went down last week all the way on the other side of the planet, down undah – again. With the screening last November in Melbourne and the beginning of this year in Perth, Australia has been showing L.A. mad love! Our gracious hosts, Bike Jam & Artrage are proof of the strong tie between the bike community and the arts. Home to innovative shops like The Little Mule, Deus, venues like The Bakery its obvious the Aussies are into good shit (…and BMX BanditsCut Copy haha jk). Here are some pics and links to the event that include a group ride, jam session, and screening of To Live & Ride in L.A. in HD! Thanks to the riders of Perth and shout out to Herman and company for organizing and promoting such an awesome event!

also, the audio stream of director David Rowe’s interview on australian radio RTR FM 92.1… its starts just about halfway through. hear what he has to say about riding in L.A.!

btw, here’s a link to a video of the ride. And 2 flickr sets here and here.

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