As you are getting ready for your holiday feast, on the other side of the planet they are preparing for another type of extravaganza…the Australian Premiere of To Live & Ride in L.A.!!!

TRAFIK is happy to be screening as part of the Melbourne Bikefest, a multi-day event bringing the Aussie cycling community together. From their site… “By showcasing the breadth of bike culture in Melbourne, we want to break down stereotypes around bike riding and celebrate it for what is really is – a fundamentally good way to get around.”

This is going to be a unique screening sponsored by our friends at Little Mule Co., a really cool bike shop/cafe in the heart of Melbourne. They are closing down the “lane” (Aussie for alley) to build an outdoor screening venue The Laneway Cinema. Come early, the show is FREE and I’m not sure how many people a lane holds (kinda fuzzy on the alley to lane conversion).

It’s summer in Australia, so it’s perfect timing for the folks down under to see how we do it when it’s hot outside.

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Cache Uno

When you become familiar with your route you start to notice repeating characteristics that stick out in your mind. For me it’s a few things, the Day Laborors at the hardware store, the Nurses smoking cigarettes at Kaiser/Childrens Hospital, and then i’m fianlly greeted by that mural above. A mural Cache and Toons did behind the shop. The mural was painted when Orange 20 took over the furniture store on the corner. I’m very blessed to be surround with such grand murals while i’m at work.

When it comes to the familiar, Cache’s murals are something that are familiar to a lot of cyclists that commute around Los Angeles and Downtown LA. Between Orange 20 and downtown there are countless Murals that are painted by Cache and his Friends. Scenes that have subtle politcal undertones often accompanied by EyerOne and Colorful landscapes with fellow artists such as Kofie. One of the reason Cache stuck out in my mind was seeing a reoccurring theme of cycling. The piece on Sunset before Alvarado sticks out in my mind.

Cache is well traveled recently visiting places such as Mexico City and Guatemala Painting with local artists. During his travels, he and his wonderful girfriend Erin have done acts of philanthropy such as donating bicycles to a family in Guatemala (pictured below).

He also has had his share of art shows, displaying works along side artists like, Mear One, Shepherd Fairy, David Flores, Will Manville (another personal favorite), and Two Rabbits Studios.

His murals are a apart of the bicycle community just as much as the sharrows on the streets of LA. What do you encounter on your route that sticks out in your mind?

Photos From the sleepers and Rock.Paper.Scissors

if you want to see more of Cache’s work, click here.

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TRAFIK proudly supports the 3rd annual Thanksgiving Race that featured rider Hern and the VCR (Venice Chill Ride) crew is holding this Tuesday. Registration Opens at 7:30pm Tuesday, November 23rd at the Windward Circle in Venice Beach, Ca. Race will start at 8:15 SHARP. See his post for full details here.

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TRAFIK ♥ Taiwan




On Saturday 11/6 TRAFIK was in Taipei, Taiwan to premiere To Live & Ride in L.A. This exclusive presentation took place at GreyOne Arsenal, a boutique/gallery in Taipei’s popular Eastside fashion retail district (see GreyOne Arsenal’s post here). Despite the nonstop rain, Taipei’s cycling and creative communities showed up to watch our film, throw back some Coors and munch on some Cheetos (chicken flavored!). Thanks to Ben of DSSENT (a local streetwear brand) for putting together such an awesome event.

Make sure to check out our Flickr set to see the rest of the photos including our sneak preview at local bike shop BreakBrake17. Thanks to Yang and Ken for rallying up the local riders!

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DTLA’s Finest is at it again with a sick street race that will separate the men from the boys (and girls from the women). DTLA presents the 2nd Annual Vuelta de Los Angeles, a tour-de-force covering 30 miles of our fair city.

I just saw the route yesterday and they are mixing it up with urban street mashing, intense hill climbs, eye-watering downhills, and a fantastic ending at our favorite bar, the 5 Stars with a BBQ, beer, prizes, and everything else you’d expect on a Saturday afternoon.

If you raced last year, you know these guys throw down. See you on Sat!

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Griffith Park

I remember the first time i rode around Griffith Park. We were shooting Kyle’s section for TL&R. After climbing the back side I remember thinking to my self, i never want to ride here again. At the time, I had never encountered a climb like that. Since then, i think i’ve rode around the park at least twice a month. It grew on me and I fell in love. It’s a great place to break the monotony of street lights and honking cars.
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