Mellos Mondays v1.5

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This Mellow Monday’s article’s name sake was inspired by a ride a few of my friends hosted out of my buddy’s shop on Melrose called Capsole. The shop was ran by two really close friends of mine, Jay and Cicero. When i started commuting to work i would pass by their shop every day. Ever so often i would see some one riding a track bike in side one of the shoe stores that lined melrose. At the time it was rare to see another person commuting let alone on a track bike.


As time went on I would cruise by, give them the hand wave and they would wave back. One of the times on my way back home from work, Cicero waved me down because of the obvious common ground, Track Bikes. We’ve been pals ever since. Cicero had that energy about him. I guess Mellow Mondays wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for this guys desire to ride. He encouraged Jay who at the time was bikeless to get one. Like a snowball the numbers kept growing. We saw more and more people commuting down Melrose. Cicero had this ability to attract people that were jazzed on bikes.

Mellow Mondays was the least serious ride out there. It was an outlet for most to relieve the ails of working retail on the block. The rides never had a consistent type of ride, ranging from exploring our city to hanging out in parks knocking a couple back. It was fun. It was always fun. I mean the slogan “Spin Spokes and Tell Jokes” spawned from Cicero. AND DON’T FORGET THAT!



The thing i liked about this ride the most was how it grew by word of mouth. Friends brought friends in. And I’m sure that is how a lot of rides started. When this ride started, i would have never imagined that cycling in LA would be the way it is today. But then again, cycling does carry an energy behind it. Judging by the growth, it’s a positive energy that I would love to watch grow.

I would like to thank all those that went on Mellow Mondays. All of you have made a strong impression in my life. In the near future, i would love to spin spokes and tell jokes with yous guys.

Mellow Mondays V1.3

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Griffith Park

I remember the first time i rode around Griffith Park. We were shooting Kyle’s section for TL&R. After climbing the back side I remember thinking to my self, i never want to ride here again. At the time, I had never encountered a climb like that. Since then, i think i’ve rode around the park at least twice a month. It grew on me and I fell in love. It’s a great place to break the monotony of street lights and honking cars.
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Working at Orange 20, many customers ask me what the Bicycle Kitchen is. More often than not, i give them the short of it; “The Kitchen is a non-profit educational center.” It is located in the Los Angeles’ Bicycle District which is on the corner of Melrose and Heliotrope in Los Angeles. The organization is ran by volunteers called “Cooks,” that have a mission to promote the bicycle as a fun, safe, and accessable form of transportation. Read more..

Mellow Mondays V1.0

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Sup Dudes! My name is Ace and I’m the cultural suicide bomber from To Live and Ride In LA. I’ll be introducing you to Southern California’s growing cycling community and all it has to offer in the up-coming Mondays with an entry called Mellow Monday’s, named after a ride that i started a few years back.
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