"Know about it, be about it!"

My favorite spot to ride is Venice Beach for sure. The beach is the center of activity for everything on the West side, from girlies to crazy bums to the smoothest concrete in L.A. There is also a lot of history in Venice Beach, maybe we'll become a part of that. Sunset/Hollywood is a close 2nd.

People that come from other cities to ride here don't understand how congested the streets really are. It's like rush hour from 8-6 everyday. But, surprisingly, L.A. is a really beautiful place with lots of scenic views and parks. You just gotta get on your bike and find them.

The fixed bike scene is doing nothing but getting bigger and bigger! At first I noticed maybe one or two fixed gears a day, now it's anywhere from 10 to 20 a day...at least.


  • FRAME: Hammerness frame and fork - custom
  • WHEELSET: Rear Aerospoke, B43 in the front laced with Phil Wood.
  • RATIO: 48/17