"Ride a bike, you'd be there by now."

I love riding around Venice and using my creativity to hit everything I see. I like being surprised, there's so much to ride out here, you just got to look. I love anything i can jump off, ultimately.

L.A. has an incredible bike scene, it always makes me smile when i see the roads packed with bikes on a sunny day. I was a big midnight rider which really opened my eyes to the bike community, I met amazing people with all sorts of stories. I remember when fixed gears really took off, it was crazy, now it's normal to see a fixed gear on every street in L.A.

At the point we're at now, I think L.A. has the potential to be one of the best places to bike in the world. It's all in the hands of the city and the people.


  • FRAME: Volume Cutter v.5
  • WHEELSET: Front 650 velocity laced to Phil.
  • RATIO: 46/17, 18 for tricks.