"Let them do them, you do you. Worry bout yourself."

I'll ride wherever I may roam but L.A. is my home. Venice Beach to be exact. All the stories are true, we have the best weather, women and weed in the States.

I've been running a bike shop (LAB) that specializes in fixed-gear for the past few years, so I've seen the fixed-gear scene grow every inch. I love it. Not everyone gets along but that's life.

L.A. is a great place to ride but some people don't realize how dangerous it can be. I've seen my share of frames bent to shit. It seems, for the daily rider, to be quite a challenge to avoid worker ants in their speeding tanks.


  • FRAME: Hammerness Custom/ Volume Cutter
  • SIZE: 60cm
  • RIMS: AEROSPOKE /Velocity Deep V
  • HUBS: Velocity Hubs
  • RATIO: 46/16 to 39/16