"Imagine, Create, Respect!"

L.A. was a trip. The bike community is as large as the city itself, which is awesome, but commuting on a bicycle is impractical for most people. Good news is the Fixed Gear community does it eveyday. As far as traffic goes, the drivers proved much more aware of cyclists than I thought. George ran every light he could... Mercedes have good brakes!

The L.A. River is a spot I want to ride again for sure. It inspired me to get down, but we only spent an afternoon there. Next time.

During this film I made some true friends 4 life: Kuz, George, Fram, James, Joey, Fish, Beaves... BRIMSTONE!


  • FRAME: Black Volume Cutter
  • SIZE: 60cm
  • RIMS: Velocity Deep V
  • HUBS: Velocity Hubs
  • RATIO: 48/18
  • FRAME: Red Bare Knuckle
  • SIZE: 60cm
  • RIMS: Velocity B43
  • HUBS: Phil Wood
  • RATIO: 48/18