"Shred Your Legs Off!!"

In L.A. drivers go a lot faster in than in any other big cities. There's heavy traffic all the time, but cars are still going 40mph+. Riding in the city can be pretty dangerous. Running red lights is a real life/death risk. If you get hit by a car, you are not getting back up.

The bike community in L.A. gets bigger by the minute. I guess the more people on bikes the better, especially kids. It's better to have them ride their bikes around than stay at home playing video games. It's good for their health, social life and the bike community. It's awesome to see young kids exited for the next Wolfpack Race and older people quit smoking/drinking to be in shape to finish the race. Cycling can change your life.


  • FRAME: Fuji Track Pro
  • I also ride an FBM Howler BMX bike with Odyssey parts
  • WHEELSET: Front Aerospoke. Phil hubs to Velocity Deep V's 32 spoke.
  • RATIO: 47/16