"Shut up and pay me."

Shooting To Live & Ride in L.A. was a lot of fun. I did some riding in DTLA with Ace, Anthony, Sean and some other friends. I also rode the 101 freeway, was I supposed to give that away? L.A. is an amazing city to ride in becasue of how spread out it is. More spread out = more roads = more cycling adventures. Some of my favorite places to ride are Silver Lake, DTLA, Echo Park, Los Feliz, actually...I ride all city. No bullshit.

I've ridden in a couple of other cities, and while L.A. may not be the most hospitable (due to some unruly motorists), it is still an amazing city. One can start a day riding from the beach and end up in snow covered mountains during the same ride. I'm not sure if there are many cities in the world that can make that claim.

L.A. has seen an upsurge in riders in the past few years, there are tons of people on bikes now, not just fixies. It has, and still is, experiencing its own growing pains. However, I feel that L.A. has the potential to be one of the greatest cycling cities in North America.


  • FRAME: Pake
  • RIMS: Velocity Deep V
  • RATIO: 46x16 / 46x15