I don't race off the clock. I've got a kid. I only race for the $$$ during my 9-5 courier gig. I'm actually a race organizer, I prefer to see people duke it out over one of my alleycat races. This will be the 5th year I'm throwing the DTLA Grand Prix race series.

The "fixed gear" community has totally grown out of control during the past years here in L.A. I remember when it was all of two track bikes in downtown. A couple old timer couriers owned 'em. The only other time you'd see them is at the Velodrome. It's gotten so out of control now that you can't even leave your bike for more then 10 minutes without someone trying to come up on your shit. As a courier, the worst thing is being cross associated with these knuckle heads.

If you want to race, you need to be fast. Looking good gets you no where. I think it's why I like having my races open to different categories of bikes: Road, track, mountain, BMX. It's up to you to bring the bike you'd think is best for the event. Personally, I stick to bike polo now. Makes me smile........


  • FRAME: Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta Track
  • WHEELSET: Spinergy Spox / Deep V Rear
  • RATIO: 46x15