"We ride ALL CITY in Los Angeles. We ride like no other crew in Los Angeles. We ride or die in Los Angeles."

There is a giant sized bicycle scene happening here in L.A. and I've personally watched it grow. I was one of the original 8 Ridazz a little over 6 years ago when midnightridazz.com started. That ride developed into a mammoth 1500 person Friday night ride, it was truly out of control and it spawned hundreds of other rides: Crank Mob, Wolfpack Hustle, Glow Ride, Taco Tuesday's, Mellow Monday's, there's a ride every day of the week here. Everyone I've met in the bike community seems totally cool from the youngsters to the vets. Except for Kyle from Trackosaurus. That guy is a jerk.

Our "scene" here is new but I think because we are so new that we have all this energy and enthusiasm for bicycle culture and exploring the city. I've ridden in NY, Miami, SF, Portland, Las Vegas, New Orleans and the Netherlands and there is no other city in the world with this kind of community. From Midnight Ridazz to LAFixed to Wolfpack to who knows what's next.


  • FRAME: 69cm 88' Canondale - I'm tall.
  • WHEELSET: custom built by Tony Z guaranteed to never break a spoke for life, monster crushing wheels...
  • RATIO: I have no idea.