Because L.A. is such a car based city, you really do have to battle at times to get your space on the road. This is the one city (besides Anchorage, AK) where I have felt so much hate against you as a cyclist. Shit yelled at you, shit thrown at you, run off the road, alot of hit and runs, cut off, buzzed, etc... But it just makes you a better rider because you're constantly on your toes, waiting for shit to go down. It's a battle ground here, and everyday is like going to war on your bike. I love it and would never trade for any other city.

My favorite spot to ride in L.A. is just about anywhere with my homies. Just dipping through gridlocked traffic with your friends is the best. Star fighting around cars, and testing paceline skills, pushing each other to go faster everyday is the best part of riding in LA. If I had to pick on spot though... Griffith Park is amazing, an oasis in the middle of the city.

We have a really diverse bike community here in L.A., and I think that's great. We have tons of bike events all the time, from huge social rides EVERY night, streets races EVERY weekend, to trick comps by the beach, there is always something going on.


  • FRAME: Felt tk2 '07 56cm
  • WHEELSET: Pink Deep V's laced to Surly hubs
  • RATIO: 48/17, 48/16 for the LULZ
  • Thomson Elite stem, Thomson Elite seat post, White Brooks Swift saddle, Sugino 75 cranks, Mks track pedals, Cadence double straps, Nitto track drop bars and Rando in the rear, Rubino pro in the front for tires.