"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

L.A. is all about just getting on the bike, doesn't matter if you wear a suit or a paper hat to work, as long as you love to ride, your welcome to kick it till your feet hurt.

My favorite spot to ride is in the front of the pack. More specifically, on the Westside, Venice, etc. Riding down the PCH from Ventura to Venice is my favorite ride period.

To anyone out there still hating on LA.... Thank you. We appreciate your envy...... Please extend you right arm and point up with your index finger while holding your thumb parallel to the ground. Extend your left arm and place an inverted peace sign directly in front of your right thumb.


  • FRAME: Bareknuckle
  • WHEELSET: Dura Ace laced to Velocity Deep V's
  • GEARING RATIO: 48/16