It’s that time again. It’s getting dark earlier, the leaves are changing, and it’s getting COLD (well, not really in LA). To make you feel all warm and fuzzy, TRAFIK presents the new TRAFIK Pullover, a heavyweight sweater for riding or chilling. But be warned, this will be the most comfortable pullover you own so watch that it doesn’t get “borrowed” by your girlfriend (she’ll look great in it tho).

The TRAFIK Pullover is made of 100% Gildan Heavyweight Cotton, pre-shrunk. It boldly displays the TRAFIK logo on the front, letting everyone know whats up. There is also a TRAFIK printed sizing label on the inside – f#@k itchy tags! Every TRAFIK Pullover comes with TRAFIK vinyl bike decals, so scoop yours now before we sell out of your size!

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The second race of the series took place in Long Beach CA at the infamous Hughes Park location. It was a great turn out for the fixed gear category with over 50 racers from different parts of the LA county coming out to represent. It was one of the most intense races there has been in LA and it went down just like it would at a regular USAC race. There wasn’t a total amount of laps, just 45 min inside the course and once that time was up it was 5 laps to go. So you can imagine all the attacks and breakaway attempts there was. With just 20 minutes in, the peloton had a 20 second lead that the rest of the riders couldn’t close.

Local heavy hitters from Throne Cycles, Leader Bikes, Mobbin Monday and Wolfpack Hustle all pushed themselves to the limit. Once 45 minutes were up the front pack had already lapped the field, leaving only the strongest of the group. As the countdown kept ticking down the hype got even more real. With just 2 laps to go some wheel bumping and poor maneuvering skills caused about 6 riders to go down in a pretty gnarly crash taking out one of the youngest riders, Manuel Aguila, along with 2013 Wolfpack Champion Edgar Willo Juarez, Felipe Castillo from GSS, Tony Zaldua from Unknown and Abraham Munoz from E11.

This gave the advantage of the rest of the peloton and they sprinted towards the finish line with only 1 lap to go. At that time all hell broke loose and the pack pushed harder than ever to cross that finish line. Great work from Dante Young from GSS who won the victory on his Birthday with Alberto Jaimes from Throne Cycles coming in one wheel short for his Second place finish. Not so far from him another young buck Cruz Murillo from Unknown Bikes coming in at Third.

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Stay Fixed My Friends!

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I guess she should have taken the other route…

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That Selfie life




Sometimes you just have to take selfies for the instagram @trafik_la #TuesdayFoosday

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Congrats to our local LA cycling hero, Richie Trimble, for stretching the envelope on tall bikes! Even Yao Ming would look up at this thing in amazement.

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So this girls mad skills may have gotten her fixie famous by now…

But it turns out this may not be a actually be a colnago…

And last but not least, you can never have too much swag!

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